Think About It Thursday

When I first discovered this writing prompt I was intrigued. I have been trying to do more regular posts and this was like a beacon at the right time. So I should be at least posting Inspirational Monday’s and Think About It Thursday’s each week. (SHE SAYS)

At the time I was busy and therefore couldn’t sit down and answer the questions, so now I am taking the time to answer the questions from last week and this week. I think that means I still have missed a week????? I can always catch up if anyone’s interested LOL!

What does Nature mean to you?
Nature is the beautiful outdoors, the countryside, the wildlife. Taking some time out to sit outside among nature itself is calming.

What do you hate?
There are a number of things I hate spiders- because I don’t like them crawling on me and they look terrifying even if they are tiny creatures. Rudeness- just plain upsets me there is no god damn need for it. Bullying- for those of you who have been reading my blog posts for a while now you’ll understand this. The last thing I will say is I hate seeing people I care about down or upset, it breaks my heart.

What annoys you?
Cheating, lying, bullying and the fact that this world can be cruel at times.

What is your least favorite holiday?
Valentines Day!

Do you Exercise?
Now I am going to be honest. I was in a real good flow before I went to Spain but since my return I have been extremely lazy. Although in my defence my work shifts are all over the place. So I don’t have a steady pattern. I am hoping to correct this once I have returned from France.

If you were to go to prison, what would it be for?
Well I hope I don’t ever have to. But if I were to go to prison it would be to protect someone I love. So a close friend or family member. I would put my life on the line for those I hold dear to me.

What is the name of your imaginary friend?
With my strange imagination I am a little sad to say I have never had an imaginary friend. But I think it would be a he called BOB!

Schrödinger’s Cat.. Dead or Alive? Dead!!! Just because!!!

Where did you meet your best friend?
I met Emma through a boyband who are no longer around. We were waiting in the same place at the same time and got chatting. We had both seen each other at various events but hadn’t really spoken properly until 2002-3 ish Haha!! We are quite in sync. We like lots of the same things, like Irish boybands, our love for theatre and we have the same middle name Louise.

When you wake up, what is the first thing you see?
Honestly! Normally my phone as I am regularly turning OFF my alarm.

If you want to take part check out

Also feel free to leave your answers in my comment box I am intrigued to see what everyone else comes up with.


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6 thoughts on “Think About It Thursday

  1. djmatticus September 26, 2013 at 4:35 pm Reply

    Nature means life, tradition, relaxation, the ultimate wonderment of this world, rivers, mountains, canyons
    Hate: people who choose to act without thinking who spurn common sense and decency
    Annoyances: spiders!
    Least Favorite Holiday – the Hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day for the implication that we should only show the people we love how much they mean to us one day a year.
    Exercise: I play volleyball once a week… I used to run every other day, but haven’t done that in quite some time. I need to, but it’s hard when I spend 11 hours a day away from home, and when I’m home I want to spend as much time with the little prince and the queen as possible.
    Prison: I plead the fifth.
    Imaginary friend: George
    The cat: alive
    Where I met my best friend: school… vague, yes? that’s intentional. 😛
    When I wake up I see nothing… because it’s dark and I don’t have my glasses on, but then I will reach out blindly to my nightstand and slide the glasses in place, stumble into the bathroom and turn the light on… so, my reflection in the mirror perhaps? Yeah, let’s go with that.

  2. Crysta Icore October 3, 2013 at 5:45 pm Reply

    Awesome answers! I loved every one. AND I love that other people answered too! YAAAY!

    • hayleyslilworld October 3, 2013 at 10:05 pm Reply

      Yay indeed. I shall be off to France tomorrow so will look at wifi.

      • Crysta Icore October 3, 2013 at 10:13 pm

        Take lots of photos and have a great time!

      • hayleyslilworld October 3, 2013 at 10:39 pm

        Thank you!!!

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