Inspirational Women


I thought I’d add something a bit more personal.
So, here are some women who I think are inspirational.
This is me, my mum and my sister.

My Mum
My Mum otherwise known as Julie has always been amazing.
She’s been through so much in her life.
No matter how tough it’s got, us five have never gone without.
Mum has taught me to treat people how I wish to be treated, to work hard and to understand the value of things.

In 2009 Mum found out she’d have to have a double heart bypass.
I truly thank Lewisham hospital for identifying something that the Queen Elizabeth couldn’t, and I’m thankful as I still have my mum.
I won’t lie, when we left mum at Kings College for her operation I was terrified and during the day of her operation I was petrified.
I remember me, my sister and my nan all waiting for that all important call.
I’d never been so relieved, but none of us settled until we’d seen mum for ourselves.

Now mum is a lot healthier she’s changed part of her diet and she’s lowered her working hours.

My mum has always been a fighter, and if I’m half the mum she is in the future I’ll be happy.

Kylie Minogue
I have loved Kylie since I was a grasshopper.
My uncle Michael repaired my Kylie tape countless times.
I just wore it out, I’d listen to her constantly.
Kylie is amazing not only is she beautiful and talented she’s another fighter.
When Kylie was diagnosed with cancer.
I was saddened to see one of my idols go through that.
In watching her documentary of how she continued to tour during part of her treatment was heartbreaking.

Kylie didn’t want to let her fans down and she didn’t.
I’m pleased that she got through it and is here today, this year will mark six years since Kylie kicked cancers ass.
Kylie has continued being the wonderful woman she is.
I’m also pleased as she’s now an auntie- and she’s made it clear how much she loves children.
It would be nice to see the princess of pop with her own children.

Melanie C aka Sporty Spice
I’ve always loved my boybands, yet when the Spice Girls came along, I liked their edginess and the whole girl power catch phrase was inspiring as a teen.
What I truly loved was Melanie C- she’s beautiful, she has an amazing voice, and she made trackies and vest tops look HOT.
She proved that girls can like and fully understand the meaning of the beautiful game-football.
The reason I’ve mentioned Melanie is because she’s had her own demons to overcome.
Who would have thought the super fit Spice Girl had any problems?
Well, sadly my fave Spice Girl became depressed, and now thanks to her gorgeous girl Scarlett she is now on the other side doing well for herself again.

Now this next woman, some of you won’t know and you maybe thinking why is she on your list.

Suzi Walker
Suzi Walker is the ex wife of former Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Ian Walker.
To me Ian and Suzi were a perfect couple.
Childhood sweethearts, who went through many good and bad times during the beginning of Ian’s career.
His disastrous England games, and they tried so hard for a child which they were eventually blessed with a baby girl in Sophie.
The reason Suzi is on my list is because she is one of very few footballers wives who didn’t settle for the lifestyle that being a footballers wife gave her.
Ian cheated on the beautiful former page three model and Suzi didn’t just accept it.
When the Ryan Giggs story broke and the pictures of his wife Stacey appeared everywhere, Suzi’s sad memories returned.
When the news broke about Ian’s affair, Suzi wanted nothing more than to protect Sophie.

Today Suzi is well and happy taking care of Sophie who is now 12 and Cameron three.
I’m so pleased she’s turned a corner she gave up her job as a model to become a full-time Mum.

All of these women are inspirational in different ways.
Life can be tough but these tough cookies have all made it through to the other side.


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